A (wedding) day in the life of… Wedding Photographer Irene Yap!

    Have you ever wondered what the fabulous suppliers who make your dream wedding happen do on your wedding day? The behind the scenes which you don’t see? Each month, I will be taking a look into a different wedding industry, to see what a typical wedding day in their life looks like. To kick things off, this month, I am featuring the fabulous wedding photographer Irene Yap


    Malaysian born Irene, currently lives in Brighton with her boyfriend (who is also in the industry)! Irene has been taking photos for over thirteen years. She has a BA in photography and once spent three months living in a camper van which she drove from the UK to Morocco. Check out her blog on this, for some SERIOUS travel envy! Wedding Photographer Irene is beginning to split her time between the UK and Asia and will be photographing weddings in both locations once travel allows.

    I stumbled across Irene on Instagram… and have pretty much fangirled her cool, laid back and perfectly imperfect photography style ever since! Here, I ask Irene five questions to get an insight into a wedding day in her life…

    bride and groom on their wedding day
    Photography: Irene Yap
    How long have you been a wedding photographer and how did you end up in this industry?

    I have been shooting weddings since 2014, so 6 years now! I got my first camera when I was 14 and just started taking pictures of everything. This led me to photographing a friend’s wedding when I was 17, and then on to study photography at University. After finishing my degree, I started assisting other wedding photographers and found photographing weddings to be really fulfilling. From there I built my own business!

    What breakfast do you eat ahead of a long day shooting a wedding?

    If I have time I love to have a full veggie fry-up, but sometimes all I manage is some toast or cereal bars. Luckily my lovely couples always make sure I get fed with the rest of the guests. Another perk of the job is getting to enjoy amazing food!

    a wedding toast
    Photography: Irene Yap
    What would a “typical” wedding day look like for you?

    I usually arrive at bridal prep a couple of hours before the ceremony, giving me time to capture the bride and her bridal party getting ready. This is such a lovely time of the wedding day, and you can feel the anticipation and excitement growing.

    Next, I’ll head over to the ceremony venue a little before the bride so that I can get some shots of the guests arriving and also of the groom waiting for the bride to arrive.

    During the ceremony I try to stay out of the way as much as possible whilst still getting the shots I need.

    After the ceremony we head to the reception and I’ll keep busy by getting shots of the venue, and also loads of candid shots of the guests enjoying themselves. I usually spend around 20 minutes during this time doing some group photos as these can be really important to the couple’s families. After that I try to steal the couple away for the first of the portrait sessions, usually lasting 10-15 minutes.

    Whilst the guests enjoy the wedding breakfast I’ll take a break myself, and then be ready to photograph the speeches. I try to time the second portrait session to coincide with the ‘golden hour’, to make sure that we get some beautiful soft light. This is also a good time for the couple to take a little breather and spend some time away from their guests to take in the day. After this, the couple usually start the party off by doing a first dance, and I’ll be busy photographing guests dancing their socks off into the night!

    wedding photography from irene yap
    Photography: Irene Yap
    For a wedding day what is your “can’t live without” item?

    My camera holdfast! I carry two cameras on me throughout the day and without the holdfast it would be really easy to drop the cameras. It happened a couple of times in my pre-holdfast days…!

    What is your favourite moment in the wedding to take a picture of?

    I’m a daddy’s girl so naturally one of my favourite moments of the day for me is the father’s first look of the bride. I sometimes shed a tear or two behind the camera!

    bride and her father
    Photography: Irene Yap
    If you could give one piece of advice to a couple for their wedding day, what would it be?

    Go with the flow and have fun!! It’s really rare that everything goes to plan on a wedding day. Don’t worry yourself with the things that you can’t control and just embrace it all as the day flies by so quickly.

    For more information on Irene, take a look at her stunning instagram or head over to her website.

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