A (wedding) day in the life of… Forever Bridal Belfast

    Ever wondered what it’s like to own a wedding dress boutique? What to bring to your appointment or how to store your dream dress once you have it? Well, never fear as I am here to answer the hard hitting questions for you 😉 with the help of the fabulous Rachel at Forever Bridal Belfast.

    Ten years and going strong, forever bridal belfast seeks out the most exclusive (and god damn gorgeous) British and International Designers. Like the majority of my wedding industry loves, I discovered Forever Bridal via the fabulous medium of instagram and they deliver my daily dose of fashion inspo (along with the best memes and quotes!). And it isn’t hard to see why, stocking beauties from designers including Katya Katya, Wona Concept and Mikaella Bridal… I’m judging you (quite frankly) for not following them yourselves!

    This month, I “chat” to Rachel from Forever Bridal on how she got into the industry, what her typical day looks like and her favourite celeb wedding dress crush!

    Can you tell me a little bit about how Forever Bridal started? (and what led you to this fabulous industry!)

    I have always been interested in Bridal from a young age. I used to sing in a folk group at weddings every Saturday (don’t laugh) as I am tone deaf but I only did it to see the Brides in their wedding dresses. One day I was driving past my future shop without realising it, and something just clicked. I took the risk and here we are now. Still loving every minute!

    Simply stunning Eva Lendel at Forever Bridal Belfast
    What would a “typical” day “In the office” look like for you?

    Number 1 – COFFEE. Who can focus without a morning coffee? I check up on my social media & Emails before I start the day with my lovely Brides. Every day is like a new day as everyone has their own unique style & personality… and it is so nice to meet them and witness their special moment.

    What has been your favourite moment (to witness) during a first bridal appointment?

    Before one of my Brides arrived to the shop, her fiancé called in with flowers, Champagne and a beautiful card with a loving message. The look on her face was priceless… she said he’s not usually the romantic type but that proved he was the one. **FELLAS TAKE NOTE** 😉

    Wona Concept gorgeousness from Forever Bridal Belfast
    What would be your top tip to a bride ahead of coming into a boutique for their first wedding dress appointment?

    Double check the stock of the Boutique you are visiting. Social Media is great for keeping up to date with new arrivals and designers. Not every store is going to be your cup of tea so a little bit of research goes a long way to help you discover which store suits your style.

    Who is your celeb wedding dress crush, and why!?

    I did have a major girl crush on Hailey Bieber on her wedding day. Everything about it, from the sleeves, 3D Flowers, the soft fitted Lace and statement “TILL DEATH DO US PART” personalised veil. What a nice touch.

    If you could give one piece of wedding dress storage advice for a bride who has postponed their wedding, what would it be?

    Don’t remove the dress from the storage bag given by your Bridal Stylist. We offer it for a reason as it keeps the dress in pristine condition. Generally a room in a family members house is best, inside a wardrobe or hanging up. As long as it is not stored in a damp area or the attic you should not have a problem. Or in your own household as we don’t want any partners having a peek 😉

    For more information on the beautiful Forever Bridal Belfast, take a look at their Instagram or Website!

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