a little about my journey to where i am today (a UK wedding planner living in singapore!).

    with a goal of working in the charity sector, i joined the edinburgh students charity appeal at university (in 2009). three years later became the president of the meadows marathon committee who ran (logistically, not physically) the largest student organised charity half marathon and fun run event in the UK. when real life called, i knew i wanted to get into events, so off i went.

    since 2011 i have worked on almost every type of event imaginable. from charity fundraisers through to the olympics, weddings, holistic retreats, press junkets, launches, fashion shows and corporate workshops… to name just a few!

    i've always loved weddings (i just LOVE love) and this was reignited when i began to plan my own in 2017. reminding me how amazing it was to help other people create (and have) the best day of their lives, i knew i needed to come back to my passion. so here we are.

    i love bubbles, red wine, salt and vinegar crisps and a strong cheese. i also get my kicks from running, swimming and yoga and will often be training for some kind of event.

    leaving my hometown of manchester at seventeen, i’ve since lived in edinburgh, london and (currently) singapore. a keen traveller, i am in a permanent state of wanderlust and could talk for hours about holidays (for any honeymoon advice, i am certainly your woman!).

    known for my love of spreadsheets, i am meticulously detailed when it comes to the small things. always trying to be spontaneous, but a born planner, i just can’t help organising christmas parties in the height of summer…

    now you know a little about me, i want to know all about you and your wedding… so get in touch.