Five wedding food ideas to WOW your guests

    Wedding planning during a pandemic doesn’t have to be all doom & gloom. We may be permanently on edge for the governments latest updates, but we *must* keep dreaming. And so, with that in mind… today I am talking about my favourite wedding food ideas to WOW your guests (and yourself!). If there has ever been a perk of having to have a smaller wedding, or more time to plan for your larger wedding… it has to be the amount of money/time you can spend finding ways to make your big (or small) day that bit more amazing. So here goes… my all time most swooned over (at time of writing, anyway) cool wedding food ideas…

    1. Cute “Crockery”

    Having your food served on a plate or in a bowl is so 2019. Well! Maybe not, BUT have you thought about serving your curry in a coconut or rice in a pineapple? Of course you haven’t… but I bet you are now! Just look at these beauties.

    They’re SO easy to DIY (if you are doing an at home socially distanced wedding job), more environmentally friendly than disposable plates (not to mention, prettier) AND this idea travels very well. Perfect for your intimate destination wedding on the beach in Asia 😉

    2. Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny…

    …no no, NO yellow polka dot bikinis here (thank god #60sreference). BUT, teeny tiny food is the cutesssssst! And it’s an easy way to add a wee bit of extra WOW. I’m not sure why mini things are so amazing, but they just are and any one who thinks otherwise is wrong.

    cool wedding food ideas, mini tacos and shots of tequila
    Mini Tacos and Tequila – can I get a
    Demonios Si!!!? (hellllll yeah!) (Image: Pinterest)

    Whilst teeny tacos may not be the easiest to DIY or convince your caterer to do, there are so many options which are super easy to adapt from a wedding menu. Burgers, Sandwiches, Sushi, Pasta, Desserts… all in mini form. Cute, simple and WOW factor inducing.

    cool wedding food ideas, mini sushi bowls with soy sauce in a pipette
    Mini Sushi bowls with a soy sauce pipette! Photo: Planner’s own, ME! (2018, MBS)

    3. Stations!

    Weirdly, this is one of my favourite cool wedding food ideas. The only reason that being “weird” is because I am SO against buffets. However, there is something about a food station which I think is way more WOW than your bog standard buffet (sorry buffet lovers out there). Whilst creating beautiful food stations for your whole wedding menu is pricey and logistically challenging (unless you are fabulously rich, in which case… go wild & let me come eat!), doing it for one specific thing is easy. Food stations for the post ceremony “snacks” (read: canapés) or desserts? Yes, yes and all the many more yeses.

    a mini churro food station
    Mmm. Yes please mini churro station! Picture (and for many more amazing station ideas): Confetti Sweethearts.

    This will sound contradictory but bear with me… to make a food station WOW, you need to firstly strip it back and then go hard. By this, I mean, don’t try and do too much (averagely) but rather do one thing well. To have an impact with a station, it’s better to stick to one item e.g. popcorn and go heavy on it. The issue I see so many people have is that they try and overstretch, the price stacks up and it still ends up looking really flat. You really need a lot to get that look we’re all after. But it’s possible. Pick an easily scalable item like candy floss, cookies, crisps & dips, fruit… things which you can buy in bulk (cheaply) and VOILA…you can affordably get the amazing Pinterest vibe you (and I) are after.

    4. Snack Packs

    Now, this is the one all the 2020 couples should love. Going ahead with your socially distanced at home celebrations? No need to make it any less spectacular. Get your caterer (or friends/family) to prepare cute wee snack packs. These can be given to guests to have in your garden (/COVID appropriate venue of choice). For those of you waiting for the bigger wedding (that’s me included, helloooooo!) – what a great idea for that late night food.

    5. Pimp the bevs!

    Last but not least (and not technically food, but let’s ignore that…) another easy one which can be done either at home, or at your venue, pimp your drinks! Add marshmallows, candyfloss or gorgeous fruit to your softies or cocktails…

    …OR (my current wish list item) an ice lolly to the prosecco. I can’t get enough – pretty, easy and delicious!!!!!

    And there we have it folks. My current food faves. For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest Page which is constantly updated with the most swoon worthy images!

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