Where to elope… my current hit list!

    Elopements were on the rise long before COVID-19 came into our lives. So, now socially distanced weddings of 10 people are becoming the only way to tie the knot (for god knows how long!), they are pegged to be the newest wedding trend. But the first question is… where to elope?

    If you don’t yet have your dream destination in mind, don’t worry because I have plenty to go around ;). Below are my top three elopement locations; those on my *if i could have multiple weddings* hit list, covering (pretty much) every type of elopement you could want!

    If you already have your destination in mind (or once you have found it), do remember to check if you can legally get married in your chosen country. Using this fabulous site, you simply answer a few questions and it does all the work for you. Although, if you really do have your sights set on somewhere you can’t legally get married, there is never any shame in doing the legal side before your amazing far flung celebrations (so don’t let that stop you!). And now for the good stuff…

    Queenstown, NZ (best for the adventurous souls)

    New Zealand is arguably the home of extreme sports (thanks to Mr A J Hackett), throws out mind blowing views all over the place like its no big deal, grows incredible fresh produce AND OOOOH THAT WINE. They say God doesn’t give with both hands, but when it comes to towns, he did here. For couples looking for an elopement with a side of adventure, Queenstown is your place. Hikes, Sky Diving, Biking, Zip Lines, Bungy Jumps and Kayaking are just a few of the things on offer. So, once you have tied the knot in the breath taking surrounds of Lake Wakatipu and digested your incredible food and wine… you can end the day on an adrenaline filled high!

    How to get there and when to go?

    Queenstown is a fair old slog from the UK (approx 30 hours), which makes it perfect for your elopement AND honeymoon rolled into one. Start in Queenstown and continue all the way across the South Island to Marlborough over two weeks. I swear I don’t get commission from the New Zealand tourist board, but I do have multiple itineraries which you only need to ask me for (no strings attached!) because I just love the place!! From Singapore, you’re 13 hours away via Sydney or Auckland… so still a good excuse for an extended elopement ;).

    The beauty of Queenstown is that it is perfect to visit year round due to its seasonal adaptability. With gorgeous hikes and warmer temperatures in summer, and skiing in the winter, pick a time which suits your interests the most. With the New Zealand summer being December – February, it is a perfect time to escape the UK winter.

    Langkawi, Malaysia (best for a palm tree paradise)

    In direct comparison to New Zealand, Langkawi is perfect for those who want to get married barefoot (heck, spend the whole trip barefoot) and spend long lazy days sipping cocktails by the sea. A small island, you can drive across it in it’s entirety in around 30 minutes. The beauty of Langkawi is how relaxed you will feel by the time you come to leave. Instead of adrenaline filled activities, Langkawi gives you spa treatments, castaway picnics, nature trails, the most beautiful purple sunsets and long stretches of gorgeous white sand.

    How to get there and when to go?

    From the UK, the best way to get to Langkawi is via Kuala Lumpur which takes approximately 16 hours. From Singapore, its merely a 1.5 hour jaunt over to the beautiful island paradise.

    Between November and April you will experience the best mix of lots of sunshine and little rain, making it the best time to plan your elopement here.

    Bali, Indonesia (best for rock star villas without the price tag)

    For those wanting to elope with a small group of family/friends, a villa ceremony is perfect. Think: getting married in the comfort of your own home… if your own home was a spacious, modern villa with a beautiful pool, in the middle of paddy fields and complete with attentive staff! Recite your vows in your very own private garden, followed by an afternoon pool party with at home spa treatments. Dreamy… right!?

    How to get there and when to go?

    Although Bali is a good year round elopement destination, April to October sees the least rain and the most sunshine.

    From the UK (London – Bali) the trip is 16.5 hours via Singapore. Travelling from Singapore, you can get to Bali directly in 2.5 hours.

    Now you know where to elope…for a chat about how I can help with your elopement planning, get in touch!

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