5 ways to make your wedding completely fab-YOU-lous*

    Your Wedding is exactly that… YOUR. WEDDING. Rather than getting hung up on old traditions (which, when you think about it, you don’t actually like), make sure you take the time to really think about your day. Include what you want and don’t be afraid to exclude things you don’t.

    Here, I am going to share my top tips on ways to make your wedding more personal.

    1. Start with the stationery (or perhaps lack of it!)…

    …your Save The Date/Invite is the first “taste” anyone will get of what your wedding is about.

    So, if you love all things rustic and crafty… don’t feel like you have to have a pastel coloured, formal invite. Make it! Or go for a stationery designer who really fits your vibe (a personal favourite are these gorgeous, fun designs from Sundown Paper, below… just incase anyone was curious ;)). If you are passionate about the environment… create a website and go paper free. Be true to you and your style.

    beautiful bright stationery from sundown paper

    2. Pick and choose the traditions that mean something to you…

    …and don’t be afraid to remove (or shake up) the ones that don’t serve you. I’ve always (personally) hated the bouquet toss, so my fiancé decided he would throw my bouquet to the single men!

    3. Show your voice.

    By this I mean peg boardsbackdropsletter balloonsneon signs… you can easily show off your personality with the quotes or phrases you display because what’s more personal than getting your own words out there?

    foil letter balloons making your wedding more personal

    Image (and balloons) from: OhShinyPaperCo, Etsy.

    4. Wear your heart on your sleeve (or feet, or back)

    Never feel (or get made to feel) like you can’t have a little fun with your day (ESPECIALLY your wedding day). Love sequins? That’s me! – hello, sequin converse! Want to add a casual side order of absolute god damn cool to your outfit – what about a personalised leather jacket (enter the Mermaid effect)?

    sequin converse
    Some sequin beauties, to make your day 10000x cooler
    5. Stick to your own schedule.

    Don’t want to wait until after dinner for the speeches? How about doing them when the canapés are being handed out post ceremony. Are you both night owls? Find a venue which allows you to start later and party until the early morning (I can recommend plenty!). Just because things have been done in a traditional way before, does not mean that it’s the best fit for you.

    Remember, there really is no tradition that you HAVE to stick to. You do you. It’s your day so make it that way, because all that truly matters is that you and your partner have the best day ever!

    Looking for more ways to make your wedding more personal? Get in touch for your free styling consultation and proposal (valid until the end of 2020 (usually worth SGD150 / GBP 90)).

    *100% YOU!
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