A shout out to the babes!

    A COVID bride’s confession…

    Whilst COVID-19 has swept across the world leaving nothing but destruction in its wake, and let’s be honest, some much podgier waistlines. Naturally, wedding blogs have poured their sympathy towards couples who can no longer get married as planned. Planning a wedding can be tough at the best of times, so after having been through all the stress, and finally sitting back to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour… only to be told you have to rearrange it all over again before you can celebrate. Is, well, a tad annoying.

    But let’s focus here. Although cliched and maybe overused at this point, the phrase “love isn’t cancelled”, is so damn true. So, when feeling sad about having to re-arrange your plans (and, I have definitely been guilty of this too) just remember… you still have each other, your loved ones, a future wedding to look forward to and most importantly your health. Let’s not look at this as something to be sad about, but think about how lucky you really are that you have the option to postpone a wedding! Being grateful during COVID-19, really is easy.

    (Quickly though) Before you think I am the most stony hearted wedding planner you have ever come across…

    I will explain why I am taking this “positive” approach to it all. Just as the COVID crisis was becoming real in the UK, we experienced an utterly tragic family loss which has turned our whole lives upside down. With this and knowing around 1300 families are also facing a much too premature loss in just the 2 months we have been quarantined* (and thats not even taking into consideration all the additional sadness the world has faced in 2020) I can’t help but just be grateful.

    Let’s replace sadness or annoyance for the things that haven’t gone to plan, and replace it with gratitude for the things we are so lucky to still have. I want to say a huge shout out to the rock solid supporters in our lives.

    So, here’s my public thank you (and a huge I LOVE YOU)…

    …to my incredible bridesmaids who made sure I still had a virtual “hen don’t” (not being a hen do person… a bridesmaid weekend was a pretty big victory for them here!!!). But most of all for being there for teary phone calls and checking I am okay, when I needed it most. And especially my sister, who is the most incredible person I will ever know, whose strength astounds me every day.

    being grateful during COVID-19 - my incredible bridesmaids on our "wedding day"
    Being grateful during COVID-19 – my incredible bridesmaids on our “Wedding Day”

    To the most fabulous groomsmen which anyone could ask for, who threw a VERY boozy e-stag for my fiancé and included some really special people. More importantly, who sent him a care package for looking after his family (us!) so amazingly well during this time and who were always there if he wanted to chat.

    To my parents and in laws who are ensuring we get to celebrate at home… but most importantly who have had sleepless nights, helped us set up a temporary home, endured long ferry trips and done numerous hospital and supermarket runs for us whilst we are in lockdown, in a country we don’t actually live in.

    To one of our closest friends/officiant who has spoilt us with goodies for the “wedding day”. The woman who is likely VERY disappointed she has to wait two years to reveal her bedazzled cape… and for calmly responding to my WhatsApp rants.

    To all our guests who had booked time off work, paid for planes, ferries and hotels, planned trips which are now cancelled.

    To all those amazing women who have supported me with; care packages, cards, messages, phone calls, memes, inspirational quotes and voice notes during this difficult time. For listening to me cry over the phone again and again. As one of those fabulous gals said recently “Never underestimate the power of the company you keep, they will define you” and how damn true!

    Let’s look at the bigger picture, please!

    So, although we cannot party as planned, the most important thing is that we *will* get to party one day. For now we just have to get through this tough time whilst being so grateful for all those amazing people who are pulling us through. Think about what you have, because that is all that really matters. Thank you all for being there for the biggest things & here’s to being grateful during COVID-19. And of course to the 2022 free bar!

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    *based on the Office for National Statistics data, registered deaths for men&women aged between 30 – 40 in 2018.

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